Cosmetic Dentistry

In the past decade there has been a dramatic interest in cosmetic dentistry. Using the latest technologies of modern dentistry, we can lighten or brighten the color of your teeth, change the size, shape, and alignment of certain teeth, repair cracked or chipped teeth, and fill in unattractive spaces between teeth.


Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a simple, non-invasive dental treatment used to change the color of natural tooth enamel, and is an ideal way to enhance the beauty of your smile. It is essentially a bleaching process to help eliminate stains and discolorations caused by antibiotics, coffee, tea, smoking, fluoride or natural aging of your teeth. For the convenience of our patients, we offer the ZOOM whitening technology.

  • Tooth whitening is not permanent. A touch-up may be needed every several years, or more often if you smoke, drink coffee, tea, or wine.
  • Whitening only works on natural tooth enamel. It is therefore important to evaluate the impact on any old fillings, crowns, etc.


Composite Bonding & Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are very thin pieces of durable, tooth shaped porcelain that are made (for both shape and color) and bonded onto the front of your teeth. This process is used to fix misaligned teeth, fill gaps and spaces, hide chips and cracks and even sculpture crooked, unattractive teeth into a very natural-looking smile. In some cases, bonding resin itself can be layered and used to fill in or cover defects in teeth.

• As with most dental restorations, veneers are not permanent and may someday need replacement. However, they are very durable and will last many years. They can often be alternatives to crowns and the ideal solution in treating many dental conditions. 


Teeth Straightening

Dr. Marino can administer clear, removable aligners that work gradually and almost like invisible braces to straighten your teeth without the inconvenience and discomfort of traditional metal braces. Because the aligners are made of clear material, most people won’t even notice that you’re wearing braces. This is accomplished through the new Invisalign technology.

  • The Invisalign process may take up to a year to complete, but it is very easy to use. You are given a series of “aligners” which you wear in succession for about three weeks apiece.